• January, 2016

    NIEC is 16 years old now and we’re still raring to go! Our commitment to students and the professionalism we personify stands us in good stead as the NIEC brand is at its strongest ever

  • December, 2015

    A good year for us and our students! 2015 sees us expand our international network even more. Many more satisfied  smiles and even more dreams realized makes 2015 a year to remember.

  • January, 2015

    NIEC is 15 years old now. One and a half decades have seen us mature into a company that now stands head and shoulders above the rest of the market.

  • January, 2014

    NIEC’s 14th birthday was celebrated with a live broadcast from  Sagarmatha Television. This type of celebration is the first of its kind among educational consultancies in Nepal. Our celebration programs were watched and enjoyedall over Nepal. Students and staff enjoyed different activities and many offers were announced for students.

  • December, 2013

    The Year 2013 remained a memorable year for NIEC. More than 400 students got their student visas approved for different countries like Australia,USA,UK and more. The TOP DESTINATION remained Australia with more than 200 visas granted. Our academic wing also received and overwhelming response from the students and enrolled approximately 4000 students in different courses.

  • January, 2013

    NIEC celebrated its 13th birthday with more zeal and vigor than previous years. Special offers commemorating the occasion were promoted and large  numbers of students took advantage of these offers.

  • January, 2012

    NIEC launches Nepal’s first LIVE ONLINE classes. Now our students in Chitwan, Biratnagar, Pokhara and Kumaripati can take part in classes run from Kathmandu by our Head office teachers. Live Online classes possess all the characteristics of a real class with multi way audio and video inputs with real time feed at both ends.

  • January, 2012

    NIEC celebrates its 12th anniversary. NIEC staffers celebrate with great pomp and fervor. Promotions and salary raises for all staff members are announced in an evening ceremony.

  • July, 2011

    NIEC becomes an authorized recruitment partner for INFORMATICS GLOBAL CAMPUS PTE LTD, global e-learning institution based in Singapore. We can recruit students from Nepal for academic and professional development programs through a number of delivery modes, namely online, mobile and distance learning to suit its adult/mature students better.

  • June, 2011

    NIEC is now part of AIRC. The ‘American Int’l Recruitment Council’ completes a successful diligence of NIEC and includes NIEC in its list of Certified Members.

  • June, 2011

    NIEC conceptualizes and organizes the 1st Annual “Orange Week”. A media blitz coupled with high value discounts on top end packages at NIEC result in this event becoming a mega success. Orange Week succeeds in setting a marketing benchmark for the sector with enrollments hitting the roof and an unprecedented buzz created by the high intensity campaign in the print, electronic and outdoor media.

  • June, 2011

    NIEC becomes a Pearson Test Of English – Academic (PTE-A) Professional Partner. Now NIEC conducts PTE-A classes and assists students in registering for this test.

  • March, 2011

    NIEC becomes a professional partner of Mont Rose College of Management and Science and is now authorized to exclusively conduct the MRELTS in Nepal. NIEC is the first and, till date, the only Nepalese company authorized to conduct the MRELTS in Nepal.

  • January, 2011

    NIEC celebrates its 11th anniversary in Style! A grand party is held at the Everest Hotel for educators all over Nepal. Good wishes and congratulations pour in from all parts of the world.

  • June, 2010

    NIEC participates in Ambition 2010. NIEC’s pavilion sees a record turnout with students streaming in to enquire about all NIEC test preparation courses and study abroad packages. Furthermore, NIEC also participates in 14th Educational Fare 2010 as a diamond sponsor and saw almost 3000 students visiting our pavilion daily.

  • January, 2010

    NIEC celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Exceptional discount packages and Bumper gift hampers marked the celebration of the landmark anniversary.

  • October, 2009

    NIEC becomes ISO certified and is found to confirm to the Quality Management System Standard: IS) 9001:2008. This certificate is valid concerning all activities related to providing educational services such as Test Preparation Courses, Study Abroad, Foreign Languages, etc.

  • April, 2009

    Birtamod, Itahari and Dharan branches officially launched. With Biratnagar as the focal point, these three branches further strengthen NIEC’s brand in the East.

  • January, 2009

    NIEC initiates the first ever half page colored print advert in The Himalayan Times and The Annapurna Post dailies. This again is a pioneering idea.

  • January, 2009

    NIEC celebrates its 9th anniversary in style! Students vote for “NIEC idol”. Organize a Buffet lunch and quiz contests. NIEC financially assists our students’ anniversary plans. Unlike past celebrations, the emphasis is on student participation which is an instant hit.

  • October, 2008

    Board of Directors allocate a large advertising budget

  • September, 2008

    Biratnagar branch is upgraded to the regional office. Further expansion of services carried out.

  • August, 2008

    Over two hundred and fifty NIEC street signage installed in and around business and residential quarters of Kathmandu.

  • June, 2008

    NIEC participates in Ambition Education and Career Expo as a co-sponsor with a larger then standard stall. The animated “orange” concept, once again, is a major attraction. Needless to say students respond enthusiastically.

  • April, 2008

    NIEC’s animated ‘Orange Man’ TV commercial wins a national award for the ‘Best Animated Advertisement

  • March, 2008

    Biratnagar branch is officially inaugurated. NIEC’s presence in the eastern region is further consolidated with the branch premises begin the largest of its kind in the eastern region.

  • February, 2007

    NIEC hosts several UK partner Universities in a UK study bonanza! Response from Students is tremendous.

  • January, 2007

    Further tests are conducted at NIEC and all of them are conducted flawlessly. January sees an upsurge in UK placement too with many students placed in various institutions around the UK.

  • December, 2006

    NIEC conducts its first iBT test. The test and subsequent tests in December are conducted without any hitches.

  • October, 2006

    NIEC is confirmed as an iBT test center and trainings for test center personnel go into full swing.

  • January, 2006

    NIEC celebrates 5 years at a gala birthday party at the institute premises. Over 500 people attend

  • July, 2005

    NIEC opens a branch office in Pokhara- Nepal’s second largest city. The branch starts off with all the operations of the head office and gradually gathers steam.

  • May, 2005

    NIEC participates in the annual education fair and sees over 2500 students visit our pavilion daily.

  • January, 2005

    NIEC initiates the application process as a test May 2005 center for the iBT TOEFL

  • November, 2004

    NIEC introduces new courses in ‘Personality Development’ and sees an excellent response to promotions

  • October, 2004

    NIEC decides to launch a Research and Development wing for the main purpose of producing high quality study materials for different courses.

  • September, 2004

    NIEC’s database indicates that over 700 alumni will be applying for visas in the Fall session independently or through NIEC’s Placement wing.

  • May, 2004

    By the end of this month, NIEC has a record 300 students studying various courses and availing of various services.

  • May, 2004

    NIEC again participates in the Education and Book Expo, surpassing last year’s record attendance.

  • January, 2004

    NIEC celebrates its Third Anniversary. Full page advertisements congratulating NIEC appear in the national dailies. These advertisements are supported by over 40 national business houses and multinational corporations.

  • December, 2003

    NIEC recruits more teachers and trains them to keep up with the unprecedented demand for the Exam Preparation classes.

  • September, 2003

    NIEC enjoys an 80% visa success rate in the Fall session worldwide. The Board of Directors facilitates the staff at a private gathering for this great achievement.

  • May, 2003

    NIEC participates in the Education and Book Expo, Kathmandu for the first time. Student response is overwhelming, NIEC receiving 1500 visitors at its stall every day of the exhibition.

  • April, 2003

    NIEC ties up with Indian Interior Design Educator, ‘Ex-In’ by signing an MOU requiring NIEC to conduct a substantial portion of the Ex-In course on the NIEC premises.

  • December, 2002

    The NIEC exam prep section crosses the three-figure mark for the first time with 113 students altogether studying various courses on 31 December 2002.

  • June, 2002

    NIEC introduced SAT, GRE and GMAT classes, receiving a positive response from enrolled students.

  • May, 2002

    NIEC introduces TOEFL and IELTS classes.

  • April, 2002

    The new NIEC office premises was formally inaugurated by former Prime Minister Mr. Marich Man Singh Shrestha and Mr. Lyndon Jones, Founder President of the ABE (Association of Business Executives, U.K.) at a grand ceremony, followed by a seminar and a press conference.

  • March, 2002

    Managing Director of NIEC and Director of Academics sign an MOU with the Share Market Commercial Complex leasing 6200 square feet of floor area…Interior decorations began at a frenetic pace.

  • January, 2002

    NIEC sends its first batch of students to universities in the UK. While numbers were small at this juncture, success rates were extremely high with 90% of our applicants getting visas.

  • September, 2001

    NIEC’s initial marketing strategies seem to be working as enrollments for our UK partner universities climb to almost 100 every month.

  • May, 2001

    The first promotional advertisement for Boston College hit the media and work started in earnest.

  • February, 2001

    Renovation and interior work concluded on the four-room premises.

  • January, 2001

    NIEC was registered under the Companies Act of His Majesty’s Government.