The Pearson test of English is a fast growing test and is gaining more popularity among Nepalese students. NIEC’s PTE courses provide a fine blend of this test.

Here are some reasons to study PTE at NIEC. We have the best Lesson Plans: Our lesson plans are laid out meticulously and focus solely on abilities tested in official questions.

Students of elite schools and colleges in Nepal choose NIEC.
Toppers come to NIEC to study the IELTS.

The best display based technology to match the most modern pedagogy.

Move to the lab after class to enjoy high speed surfing or research your course or college/universities options. The library provides a quiet atmosphere for serious study and houses over 3000 volumes. Our rooftop café provides cheap, hygienic and tasty snacks and beverages to students throughout the day.

Our E-Library gives you the luxury of practice from the comfort of your home.

Our E-testing Center gives you access to tests from the comfort of your home.

After you complete your course, you can still use the facilities on board and take repeat classes for any section you are having a problem with. We also assist you in selecting colleges and universities and placing you in them.