NIEC has been offering TOEFL instruction since 2001. Every year sees the numbers of TOEFL students at NIEC rise substantially. Our TOEFL classes provide one computer per student and lessons are focused on giving you an in-depth understanding of this test and getting the best scores.

We prepare more students for the iBT than any other institute in Nepal.

The results our alumni achieve are unmatched in Nepal.

Our lesson plans are laid out meticulously and focus solely on abilities tested in official questions.

Students of elite schools and colleges in Nepal choose NIEC. Toppers come to NIEC to study the TOEFL iBT.

NIEC is the first private institute in Nepal to conduct the iBT. Our testing center sees a lot of traffic because of our glitch free tests.

Hundreds of success stories, more experience than anyone in the industry, a better understanding of testing areas…what more can a student ask for?

Classrooms do not get any more high tech than this.

Our digital lab provides a computer to each student for the duration of the class.

The best display based technology to match the most modern pedagogy.

Move to the lab after class to enjoy high speed surfing or research your course or college/universities options. The library provides a quiet atmosphere for serious study and houses over 3000 volumes.

Our E-Library gives you the luxury of practice from the comfort of your home.

Our E-testing Center gives you access to tests from the comfort of your home.

After you complete your course, you can still use the facilities on board and take repeat classes for any section you are having a problem with. We also assist you in selecting colleges and universities and placing you in them.

Here’s TOEFL with a real difference- Every classroom session is a fine blend of theory and practice. So, right from the word go, you can assess your performance which, of course, can only get better. You can further hone your language skills in our Digital Lab.. Finally, when it is time for test registration and test center selection, look no further; NIEC is Nepal’s best run ETS authorized test center where glitch free tests are being run since 2006.

Welcome aboard the one stop iBT solution center!


The ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’ evaluates the ability of students to understand and use the English language in an academic setting. The Internet Based Test is conducted in many test centers in Nepal among which NIEC’s testing facility is the oldest and best run. The TOEFL is accepted by a variety of institutions in the USA, UK and Australia among other countries. Institutions may require you to submit a TOEFL score in order to get admission in courses run by these institutions. The TOEFL iBT tests you on your Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills with tasks that ask you to combine more than one skill.

The TOEFL iBT Consists of

Listening: You are required to listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations and answer 34-51 questions in 60-90 minutes.
Reading: The reading section consists of 3-4 passages with 36-56 questions that have to be answered in 60-80 minutes.
Writing: This section consists of two tasks. One is a response to a prompt that requires you to support an opinion and the other is a response based on reading and listening tasks.
Speaking: This section consists of 6 tasks. You are asked to express an opinion on a familiar topic and speak based on reading and listening tasks.

NIEC TOEFL iBT Course facts:

Toefl Classes are Rotational at NIEC. Below is the rotation:

Class Duration:

6 weeks with classes from Sunday to Thursday and Full length Testing on Fridays.